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About Me

Taryne Pagel, BSN, RN

As a passionate licensed Registered Nurse, I have been working with patients rehabilitating after motor vehicle accidents for 5 years. I am a HIPAA compliant consultant to ensure your health information is protected while we work together to receive the highest quality of care. Not only do I act as a strong advocate for my patients, I have spent my time in the Ypsilanti- Ann Arbor area building strong partnerships with providers and various specialites.

Work Blur

My Mission Statement

To coordinate quality care that meets patient- specific goals to achieve the highest level of independence, comfort, and overall quality of life.


What You'll Receive

Hire an experienced nurse to manage your healthcare in the Ypsilanti- Ann Arbor area. You can expect to receive patient- specific recommendations on providers, specialties, and therapy services along with an advocate to coordinate prescribed care and medications.


Locate proficient and experienced providers and therapists


Organize and summarize medical care received


Patient Advocacy in medical appointments

Proud Member of the American Nurses Association and American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants
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(734) 262-4873

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